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Director named for the Food Institute

Evan Fraser, a geography professor and Canada Research Chair known for teaching about global food security issues in novel ways, was named to the position.

Professor Evan Fraser stands in front of the Gryphon statue

Canadians will pay $345 more for food in 2016

The struggling Canadian currency, climate factors and consumer trends will all play important roles in the rising price of food in 2016

Grain storage silos

Podcast: The shocking stuff that shows up in our garbage

Food waste is a $31B problem in Canada alone. That’s like everyone in the country throwing $760 a year in the trash

A bowl filled with edible food scraps

The problem with listeria

Outbreaks of the deadly foodborne illness continue to surprise us

A box of salad

How we came to drink pasteurized milk

It was the dairies who promoted Louis Pasteur’s process

Side profile of a manual worker working in a dairy factory

Eat like a pig

Rodents are usually used as models for humans in scientific work for a variety of reasons. However, they aren’t good matches for some key functions. It turns out we are closer to pigs when it comes to how we digest and use food.

Automated farming: Good news for food security, bad news for job security

A brave new world of robot farms could have consequences for rural livelihoods

A robot picks a ripe strawberry.

Proteins of the future

Beyond meat: what we will be eating next, and how unlikely proteins can move from ‘disgusting’ to mainstream

An appetizer of'Petit pois carre et son ecume de Carottes, vers de farine' - peas, carrots and worms - prepared by French chef David Faure in his Michelin-rated restaurant 'Aphrodite' in Nice, France.

Opening the barn doors on cage-free eggs

What makes hens happy is complicated

Hens in a barn are gathered around a metal feeder

The trouble with bees

The problem is worse than we thought.

Bumblebee feeding on pollen from a yellow flower