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Feeding 9 Billion: The Card Game

Are you up for the challenge?

Discover concepts of food security through this fun strategy game.

  • Use resources to produce food and earn money
  • Take advantage of extra labour and infrastructure
  • Watch out for high energy prices and other global crises!

Rules and scoresheets

Download the rules and scoresheets.

Order the game

You can order the game for $15.99 USD at Game Crafter.

Hand holding Feeding 9 Billion Cards

The cards were made possible by a team of researchers, designers, and play testers!

Thank you to: Farren Tropea, Lesia Kinach, Evan Fraser, Kelly Hodgins, Christine Du Vuono, Josh Derksen and Ben Skinner.

What is Feeding 9 Billion?

Feeding 9 Billion, a food security initiative based out of the University of Guelph, provides insight, outreach, & education around issues of food, agriculture & hunger globally.

We work to offer objective, evidence-based information in an accessible manner for all. We are particularly committed to working with youth, helping them to improve the food system of the future.

To receive a copy of the high school lesson plan please email

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