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Podcast: The shocking stuff that shows up in our garbage

Food waste is a $31B problem in Canada alone. That’s like everyone in the country throwing $760 a year in the trash

A bowl filled with edible food scraps

How we came to drink pasteurized milk

It was the dairies who promoted Louis Pasteur’s process

Side profile of a manual worker working in a dairy factory

Proteins of the future

Beyond meat: what we will be eating next, and how unlikely proteins can move from ‘disgusting’ to mainstream

An appetizer of'Petit pois carre et son ecume de Carottes, vers de farine' - peas, carrots and worms - prepared by French chef David Faure in his Michelin-rated restaurant 'Aphrodite' in Nice, France.

Opening the barn doors on cage-free eggs

What makes hens happy is complicated

Hens in a barn are gathered around a metal feeder

Warning: your morning coffee is in danger

A global coffee crisis is brewing right under our nose

A coffee picker in El Salvador.

Designer foods that beat disease

How we can eat our way to a ripe old age

A shopper stands in front of a Whole Foods dairy display deciding which healthy products to purchase

Reclaiming food knowledge

Why the health of Indigenous people depends on it: Q&A

Close up of a selection of Indian corn in autumn hues.

Rise of the ‘hangry’

Preventing food riots in the future actually has little to do with food