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New report signals importance of environmental targets as Canada aims for agri-food leadership

Benchmarking environmental footprints of food production presents Canada with the opportunity to better demonstrate its leadership in sustainable agri-food production, says a new report.

Soybean grows in a field

National Index on Agri-Food Performance: Webinar

The Canadian agri-food sector is considering how to demonstrate its leadership on environmental sustainability and other indicators of being a trusted food leader.

A combine unloads wheat into a truck at twilight

Climate change to reveal more global farmland at steep environmental cost

The research team modelled prospects for growing major food crops in potential new farmland that may come available as climate change alters growing seasons worldwide.

Map of global farmland that will be available with a changing climate

Made in Canada

The Senate’s report includes eight recommendations to develop Canada’s value-added food sector as a global leader in food innovation, transparency and sustainability.

Half slices of cheese wheels stacked on each other.

FeedBack: Creativity wins in Guelph’s food waste reduction

A graduate team examine the paradox of food waste and food security locally.

Fliers for the Seed and some vegetables sit on a table

Winners of the 2018 Arrell Global Food Innovation Award Announced

The inaugural winners of the science and community awards represent innovative thinking required to meet global challanges.

Hands of a man picking coffee

Ask not what your soil can do for you, ask what you can do for your soil

On May 23rd, the Arrell Food Summit will feature a discussion on soil loss, soil conservation and soil ecosystem services.

A dirt road runs through a bare field under a blue sky

The potential of agroforestry to answer climate concerns

The impact of agroforestry on climate change mitigation and adaptation in Canadian agricultural systems has not yet been fully realized.

A lone tree stands at the fence row of a field representing agro-forestry

FeedBack: Reflecting on the Interdisciplinary Research Process

Steven Lam, a Research Assistant with Food From Thought, reflects his experience as part of the AFI-FFT graduate cohort.

Steven looks at cows in a barn

Inaugural Arrell Scholarships Awarded

Nasrin Husseini, Kathleen Johnson, Katya Kudashkina, Amberley Ruetz, and Karthika Sriskantharajah are the 2017 recipients of the Arrell Food Institute Scholarships.

Nasrin, Arrell Food Institute Scholarship winner, sits with a beef calf