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Time for Action: Critical next steps to create a National School Food Program

The need for a federal school food program is clear; in 2017, UNICEF ranked Canada as 37th out of the 41 wealthiest nations for access to healthy food.

5 red apples lined up on a white surface

A Canadian Conversation on Global Diets

Diets that are intentionally curated for healthy people and planet are being referred to around the world as ‘global diets’.

A bowl of salsa with garnish sits on the edge of a table

New science-based cookbook makes snacking healthier for families

Providing nutritious, easy and delicious snacking ideas for families is the Guelph Family Health Study’s  intent with the release of their newest cookbook Snack Healthy, Snack Happy.

A father and son stand at a table preparing to cook

Eradicating Animal Disease in the Face of Conflict

Goats are a vital commodity in impoverished countries but a devastating viral disease is targeting the goat and sheep populations.

A heard of goats, maybe with disease, walk a dusty path

Microbes poised to transform food production and health

Armed with the latest molecular technologies, University of Guelph researchers are uncovering the myriad ways that microorganisms contribute to health along the soil-plant-gut continuum.

A silhouette of a man looking in a microscope at microbes

The queen of optimal eating

Food guru Adelle Davis was celebrated by the hippie generation during times of plenty, but her ideas about nutrition were formed at a time when people weren’t getting enough to eat

Can we learn to crave healthier choices?

A decades-long family cohort study is exploring how our eating habits are formed — and how we can change them for the better

A mother and her children pose at a kitchen table.

Feeling down on the farm

A new survey by the Ontario Veterinary College has found high anxiety levels among Canadian farmers. Researchers hope the findings can be used to develop programs to help agricultural producers better manage stress, anxiety and depression

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Fending off an avian flu pandemic

While the risk to humans has so far been low, the unpredictability of the avian flu virus requires a multi-pronged approach to prevention.


Bred for healthier living

A Guelph-borne technology that can help reduce the amount of sickness in herds—and the amount of medication we need to keep them healthy—is now selling around the world

Dairy cow rests ih the grass infront of a barn