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Eat like a pig

Rodents are usually used as models for humans in scientific work for a variety of reasons. However, they aren’t good matches for some key functions. It turns out we are closer to pigs when it comes to how we digest and use food.

A bagel with benefits

Eating one of these a day can keep diabetes away

A plain bagel

Designer foods that beat disease

How we can eat our way to a ripe old age

A shopper stands in front of a Whole Foods dairy display deciding which healthy products to purchase

Reclaiming food knowledge

Why the health of Indigenous people depends on it: Q&A

Close up of a selection of Indian corn in autumn hues.

Super milk could fight cancer

The old joke is that brown cows make chocolate milk. They do not, of course. Instead, dairy cows could make something even better: cancer-fighting milk.

Holstein cow against blue background

Learning to love our guts

Hundreds of microbes live in our guts and stay for life. And that’s a good thing

Illustration of human intestinal lining