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Growing Stronger: a letter from the co-chairs

Wheat field with text reading "Growing Stronger; Aiming for Resilience in our Canadian Food System"

Growing Stronger: New program launched to help food system respond to crisis

“Growing Stronger” will connect all players within Canada’s food system through an online portal and a series of virtual consultations over the summer and into the fall.

combining wheat

Ag labour is skilled labour

Is it possible to connect unemployed Canadian workers with farms who desperately need labour? Or are there other things we need to be working on and thinking of as well?

A man picks strawberries under a tunnel, representing agriculture labour

Canada’s Food Price Report COVID-19 Update

Food prices expected to rise 4% in 2020, with vegetables and bakery leading the way.

Upcycling for a Food Secure Community

Meaningful work and skill development bring volunteers to food security work.

Two tomatoes and two bulbs of garlic sit on a wooden fence in a pastoral scene

Robustness of Canada’s Food Supply Chain

Arrell Chair in Food Business, Simon Somogyi sat down and reflected on the disruption that viruses such COVID-19 can cause in Canada’s supply chain.

Here is what he wrote…

A cart with produce from Canada in boxes sits in front of produce shelves

COVID-19: The perils of a ‘just enough, just in time’ food system

We live in an age when global supply chains seamlessly link farmers & consumers using the principles of “just enough, just in time.” But with this abundance comes a hidden cost: a loss of resilience.

Red peppers on a conveyor belt

Time for Action: Critical next steps to create a National School Food Program

The need for a federal school food program is clear; in 2017, UNICEF ranked Canada as 37th out of the 41 wealthiest nations for access to healthy food.

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Climate change to reveal more global farmland at steep environmental cost

The research team modelled prospects for growing major food crops in potential new farmland that may come available as climate change alters growing seasons worldwide.

Map of global farmland that will be available with a changing climate

Winners of the 2019 Arrell Global Food Innovation Awards

An organization that reduces hunger in South Africa and a plant scientist are the recipients for 2019.

Square pattern and paint with text that reads "2019 Winners; Arrell Global Food Innovation Awards"