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What’s coming for food prices in 2021

Investments in e-commerce, greening your take-out and climate change will all have an impact on your food bill in 2021.

Simon wears glasses that track his eye movements in a grocery store lab

Community Partnership Projects 2019-2020

Each year Arrell Scholars and their HQP peers are paired with an organization or business to build new skills through experiential learning.

Students walk towards a barn across a pasture.

Webinar: Growing Stronger

Join us on July 16 to discuss the Growing Stronger project and how you can participate. Featured speakers are Deb Stark, Joseph LeBlanc, Rory McAlpine, Julie Bissonnette, and Lenore Newman.

Growing Stronger webinar July 16

Canada is falling behind when it could be an agri-superpower

If we are all to live on this hot and crowded planet, our food and farming systems need to protect biodiversity and be carbon neutral, writes our director Evan Fraser

A combine unloads wheat into a wagon hauled by a tractor

100 days of coronavirus has sent shock waves through the food system

Serious concerns have been raised about the resilience of the processes we depend upon for our daily bread.

A red pepper on a conveyor belt.

Lessons for the Food System: Experts reflect on the pandemic’s impact

Four University of Guelph experts weighed in on how the Canadian food system has been shaped by the COVID-19 pandemic and the lessons actors in the food system can take away from these experiences.

Apple on a tree, with overlaid text reading "COVID-19 + Lessons for Food Systems"

Growing Stronger: a letter from the co-chairs

Wheat field with text reading "Growing Stronger; Aiming for Resilience in our Canadian Food System"

Growing Stronger: New program launched to help food system respond to crisis

“Growing Stronger” will connect all players within Canada’s food system through an online portal and a series of virtual consultations over the summer and into the fall.

combining wheat

Ag labour is skilled labour

Is it possible to connect unemployed Canadian workers with farms who desperately need labour? Or are there other things we need to be working on and thinking of as well?

A man picks strawberries under a tunnel, representing agriculture labour

Canada’s Food Price Report COVID-19 Update

Food prices expected to rise 4% in 2020, with vegetables and bakery leading the way.

A pile of vegetables on a table, some still in grocery bags