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How we came to drink pasteurized milk

It was the dairies who promoted Louis Pasteur’s process

Side profile of a manual worker working in a dairy factory

Automated farming: Good news for food security, bad news for job security

A brave new world of robot farms could have consequences for rural livelihoods

A robot picks a ripe strawberry.

Proteins of the future

Beyond meat: what we will be eating next, and how unlikely proteins can move from ‘disgusting’ to mainstream

An appetizer of'Petit pois carre et son ecume de Carottes, vers de farine' - peas, carrots and worms - prepared by French chef David Faure in his Michelin-rated restaurant 'Aphrodite' in Nice, France.

Designer foods that beat disease

How we can eat our way to a ripe old age

A shopper stands in front of a Whole Foods dairy display deciding which healthy products to purchase

Rise of the ‘hangry’

Preventing food riots in the future actually has little to do with food

Feeding the mission to Mars

Researchers are finding new ways to accomplish in real life what Matt Damon did in The Martian

Learning to love our guts

Hundreds of microbes live in our guts and stay for life. And that’s a good thing

Illustration of human intestinal lining