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Our Changing Plates

Do you ever wondering what the future of food will look like on your plate?  

Do you wonder what kids should be eating? Or how pollinator health impacts the production of your favourite fruits and vegetables? Or maybe you’re wondering what the alternatives are for plastic food packaging? The University of Guelph is home to a diverse range of research focused on solving problems to answer questions like these and many others that affect the food on our plates.

Looking at the future of food, we see exciting new opportunities such as the use of precision agricultural technologies, innovation in alternative proteins and the development of value-added production and processing. We also understand that with this excitement comes many challenges in ensuring that food is produced sustainably, that it is nutritious, and that there is enough food for all. As you scroll through the plates we hope to show you how researchers at the University of Guelph are contributing to address these challenges and to ensure that the food on our plates is safe, sustainable, and trusted now and for generations to come.