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When we seat down for a meal and look at our plates we see our portions, our preferences, and the diversity in our diets, all in one view. Plates are an important tool in the kitchen and they also have a unique way of telling stories about our relationship with food.

Our Changing Plates

Do you ever wondering what the future of food will look like on your plate?

A diagram including an image Chef Pierre's plate, with text references to each ingredient and where they are from. Ingredient lists at the bottom of the webpage.

The Canadian Plate Challenge

This culinary competition asked four chefs from across the country to create a dish they feel truly tastes like Canada, while also being sustainable, healthful, and just.

 The Rules

  • One ingredient sourced from each of Canada’s ten provinces and three territories (13 ingredients minimum)
  • Be created in the context of feeding a healthy planet and healthy people
  • Respect the perspectives of indigenous peoples and new immigrants to Canada
  • Recognize that 90% of Canadian food is produced through family farms
  • Recipe must be prepared, with 6 full-size sample plates, on stage within 60 minute
  • Each chef must be prepared to present dish and concept to judges upon completion of stage cooking