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Stewarding Healthy Plates

Antimicrobial resistance occurs naturally, but misuse and overuse of antibiotics in humans and animals can accelerate its spread and increases its frequency. 

Canadian farmers, researchers, and veterinarians follow antimicrobial guidelines and apply a One Health approach to ensuring animals, humans and our environment are healthy. These guidelines are aligned with international standards on best practices in antimicrobial use.  

Antimicrobials are used in different aspects of our food production, including to control diseases in animal and crop production.  

Animal welfare and food production would be at risk without the use of valuable tools including antimicrobials. Antimicrobials also play a key role in keeping the cost of food at a reasonable rate without compromising food supply chains and food safety. 

While antimicrobials may be an important tool they also need to be used cautiously in agriculture, human medicine, and public health applications. Prudent use means antimicrobials are not used excessively and indiscriminately to ensure do not risk losing food from our plates…