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Sebastian, Tony, Anne and Issac pose on stage

The Arrell Food Summit Concludes with a Gala Celebrating the First-Ever Global Food Innovation Awards

The inaugural ceremony celebrates organizations and individuals who’ve made a difference in the global food security, awarding two $100,000 cash prizes honouring excellence in community engagement and scientific research.

Arrell Food Summit

Shelia Watt-Cloutier on the Vital Relationship between Food and Culture

“The arctic is the early warning,” says Shelia Watt-Cloutier, Inuit activist, to a hushed crowd at the Arrell Food Summit. “Early for you but late for us.”

Samuel Thevasagayam on What Philanthropy Can and Can’t Do for Food

Closing out the inaugural Arrell Food Summit on a hopeful note, Samuel Thevasagayam tells the crowd about how he sees the role of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in farming.

Sir Charles Godfray on How to Start a Virtuous Cycle for Food Sustainability

Sir Charles Godfray, professor of population biology and the Director of the Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Food, addresses the complex web of food insecurity.

Our Vision: Transforming global food systems and elevating Canada’s place within the global food economy. We are building on University of Guelph’s world-class strengths in all aspects of food research and education, and will be the world leader in food and agricultural innovation.

Solidaridad’s Nico Roozen Shares What He’s Learned in 30 Years of Fair Trade

Ethical purchasing is still a niche concept, says Roozen, comprising no more than 3 to 5 percent of any market. “But when we started 30 years ago, we started at zero percent.”

Thinking Outside the Bin: Challenging Food Waste Orthodoxies

Canada wastes about $31 billion worth of food a year. Half of that is in the home. Recently, after decades of shoulder-shrugging, solving this problem has become a topic of public discussion.

Knowledge Keepers: Examining Indigenous Food Sovereignty

In a departure from the academic tone of the summit, “Knowledge Keepers: Examining Indigenous Food Sovereignty,” began with a smudging ceremony.

Dr. Samuel Myers on Managing Disruption in the Age of Great Acceleration

The Harvard academic says we are in the age of a great acceleration, as everything we produce and consume is ramped up at an ever-increasing, exponential pace.

Toward a National Food Policy

If the “Food Policy for Canada” session had a theme, it was “waiting.” For the last 18 months, Canada’s federal government has been consulting with stakeholders, industry, civil society and academics on a widespread policy that would cover a host of food issues.

Danil Kerimi of the World Economic Forum on the Need for Nimble Regulation to Foster Innovation

When it comes to regulation, big thinkers tend to side with one of two proverbs: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. You can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs. Danil Kerimi is the omelet-eating kind.

Arrell Food Institute