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Dr. Roberta Bondar Inaugurates the Arrell Food Summit

Bondar speaks about the impact of climate change on agriculture as only someone who has left the confines of this planet can.

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Arrell Food Summit

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Solidaridad’s Nico Roozen Shares What He’s Learned in 30 Years of Fair Trade

Ethical purchasing is still a niche concept, says Roozen, comprising no more than 3 to 5 percent of any market. “But when we started 30 years ago, we started at zero percent.”

Thinking Outside the Bin: Challenging Food Waste Orthodoxies

Canada wastes about $31 billion worth of food a year. Half of that is in the home. Recently, after decades of shoulder-shrugging, solving this problem has become a topic of public discussion. But while the panelists who took part in “Thinking Outside the Bin: Challenging Food Waste Orthodoxies,” believe it’s great that more people are […]

Our Vision: Transforming global food systems and elevating Canada’s place within the global food economy. We are building on University of Guelph’s world-class strengths in all aspects of food research and education, and will be the world leader in food and agricultural innovation.

Arrell Food Institute