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How the value-added food sector can be more competitive in global markets

Remarks by Dr. Simon Somogyi to Canada’s Senate Standing Committee on Agriculture and Forestry on the potential of Canadian value-added products.

A painted black circle with the word "The Canadian Plate Challenge"

The Canadian Plate Challenge

Kicking-off SIAL Toronto 2019 on April 30th, this culinary competition asks four chefs from across the country to create a dish they feel truly tastes like Canada, while also being sustainable, healthful, and just.

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New food guide will save Canadians money but few are following it, study finds

The good news is the new Canada’s Food Guide will save a family of four $475 annually on grocery bills, according to a new University of Guelph study.

Three students pose with industry representative inside

FeedBack: Can Canadians “meat” the challenge? Eating better for the environment

Can we bug Canadians into eating better for the environment? Three University of Guelph Food from Thought Graduate Research Assistants are strategizing a method to inform healthier, greener dietary choices.

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