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Our Vision: Transforming global food systems and elevating Canada’s place within the global food economy. We are building on University of Guelph’s world-class strengths in all aspects of food research and education, and will be the world leader in food and agricultural innovation.

An auger pours corn into the back of a truck

In Conversation: Bringing to Light Economic Outcomes of Food Policy

Dr. Alan Ker tells us what he hopes policy makers will take away from a special issue of FAREShare that focuses on Canada's Food Policy.

A lone tree stands at the fence row of a field

The Potential of Agroforestry to Answer Climate Concerns

The impact of agroforestry on climate change mitigation and adaptation in Canadian agricultural systems has not yet been fully realized.

A beekeeper examines a hive box

Stimulating Innovation, Sustainable Food and Gender Empowerment

The federal budget contains two seemingly unrelated themes that will position the Canada’s agri-food sector to boost economic growth.

Cows eat from manger

Feeding the Future

On October 27, 2017 CBC Ideas recorded two shows on food security at the University of Guelph. 

Arrell Food Summit


Arrell Food Institute