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Global Food Innovation Award Winners


2022 Research Award Winner

Dr. Delia Grace Randolph

Dr. Delia Grace Randolph, winner of the research innovation award, is a renowned scientist with unique and transformative impacts on the safety of food systems and public health in developing countries. As a trained veterinarian and epidemiologist, she brings a special expertise on the interconnectedness of animal health, human health and eco-health to her work. A focus of her work is improving food safety in informal markets in developing countries.

2022 Community Award Winner

Access Agriculture

Access Agriculture, winner of the community engagement innovation award, is a non-profit organization that works directly with community groups to produce and deliver high-quality, farmer-to-farmer training videos. The video resources help to provide informative and relevant content to farmers in small communities. The organization helps ensure the videos are available in local languages and accessible to smallholder farmers even in remote rural areas where technology, power and internet are limited. Over the past decade, the videos have reached 90 million people and have helped ensure healthier and more resilient food systems.





Community Food Heroes

In recognition of outstanding and innovative contributions to making their own communities’ food systems more equitable, nutritious, sustainable and just.

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