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Canada’s Food University is home to expertise that ranges across the food system. Faculty, staff and students at the university conduct research and study food science to food retailing, as well as collaborate on interdisciplinary projects. All of this research is vital to shape a future where all communities have secure access to safe and healthful food through transparent, competitive and sustainable food systems.

We are working to reduce food system impact on the environment by researching and promoting new ways to meet the needs of the growing human population without destroying the ecosystems on which we depend for life. As the digital agricultural revolution continues, we are working to discover new ways to protect the planet while providing even safer food than ever before. We also pay attention to the consequences that new technologies and approaches to farming bring, especially to jobs and communities.

We are Transforming Food by investigating:

  • new food innovations, and their adoption
  • the human impact of disruptive technology
  • policies that unleash potential and protect people

We are working to enhance community food security and food sovereignty in Canada and abroad. Food is never just fuel but plays an integral role in culture both as a source of unity and of conflict. At the same time, we live in a world of stunning inequalities where both the number of hungry and the number of obese people is rising. Therefore, we can see that food sits at the foundation of community, personal and planetary health. By exploring the links between food safety, sustainability, culture and security we are working with our partners to create the foundations of better nourished communities now and in the future.

We are Nourishing Communities by investigating:

  • food’s role in culture as a source of unity, and of conflict
  • safe delivery of food to consumers in sustainable packaging*
  • how to make food more accessible to all

We are working to make global food networks more efficient, more transparent, and more sustainable. Canada is a country that both imports and exports large amounts of food and so we are working to identify pressure points that can be resolved by policy, markets or awareness. This will ensure that our global food networks continue to improve the way they offer safety, health, and affordability for all consumers.

We are connecting Global Food Networks by investigating:

  • tracing’s potential to ensure quality and safety
  • how choices resonate through the supply chain
  • policy that reduces hunger