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Food Systems in a Time of Disruption Impacts of COVID-19 on Food Access, Safety, Security, and Supply

A cart with produce from Canada in boxes sits in front of produce shelves

Robustness of Canada’s Food Supply Chain

Arrell Chair in Food Business, Simon Somogyi sat down and reflected on the disruption that viruses such COVID-19 can cause in Canada's supply chain. Here is what he wrote...

Canada’s Food Price Report ‑ COVID-19 Updates

The impact of COVID-19 has impacted Canadians' relationship with food. It has caused online grocery orders to skyrocket, and panic buying of products, including flour and eggs, has worried many Canadians about food supplies and prices. However, researchers including, Arrell Chair, Simon Somogyi find that the overall 2020 food price projections remain unchanged from the original projections reported in December 2019.

Educational, Interesting, and Fun Resources About Food to Explore

Resources Bringing Us Ease and Information

This is an unprecedented time of global uncertainty.

Governments around the world, including Canada, are instructing everyone to stay home if they can. We wanted to share resources and materials that we are using to learn more about food and agriculture at this time and to share the sources that we are going to for information and updates on COVID-19.

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Staying Informed

World Health Organization

Government of Canada – COVID-19

Canada Public Health

Global Affairs Canada

University of Guelph News on COVID-19

University of Guelph Experts on COVID-19 and Our Food System


Director of Arrell Food Institute, Dr. Evan Fraser

Arrell Chair, Dr. Simon Somogyi

Dr. Lawrence Goodridge – COVID-19: Is take-out safe? (Montreal Gazette)


Director of Arrell Food Institute, Dr. Evan Fraser – COVID-19 and Canada’s Food System 

Arrell Chair, Dr. Philip Loring – CANADIAN FARMS AND COVID-19

Safe Grocery Shopping: U of G Expert Dispels Myths

Following Along on Twitter

The Chief Public Health Officer of Canada, Dr. Theresa Tam on #FlattenTheCurve 

Arrell Chair, Dr. Philip Loring on food security and supplies during a pandemic

Leading #14DaysOfOptimism, Dr. Dave Whiteside

University of Guelph for Live Updates