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Food From Thought Agricultural Systems for a Healthy Planet

Food From Thought is a $76.7 million research program at the University of Guelph. The program, which began in 2016, is funded by the Canada First Research Excellence Fund for 7 years.

The Food From Thought program intends to exponentially increase our ability to leverage big data for the benefit of food production and biodiversity at three scales of research and innovation: global, landscape and microscale.

The program will integrate and strengthen the University’s data management and analysis capabilities across our facilities and our partners, and better support and incubate faculty and student innovations.

Vision and Missions

Our vision is to transform our understanding of the ecosystems we depend on for food, at scales that range from planetary to microcosmic. At the same time, we want to increase the capacity, sustainability and safety of food production systems without undermining environmental health, ecosystem services or livestock health and welfare.

Food From Thought has three distinct missions:

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Four graduate students work at a table together on big data projects

FeedBack: Interdisciplinary Approach for Big Data and Agriculture

A group of Food from Thought and Arrell Food Institute graduate students are working to create innovative solutions that will transform the global food system.

First Cohort of Food From Thought Research Assistants

Twelve graduate students at the University of Guelph will form the first cohort of the Food From Thought Research Assistantship program beginning September 2017.

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U of G Receives $77 Million to Launch ‘Food From Thought’

The University of Guelph has received $76.6 million from the federal government to start a “digital revolution” in food and agriculture.

Research funding for Food From Thought is provided by the Canada First Research Excellence Fund.

More Information

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