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Our Shared Vision

A sustainable, reliable, and just food system.

Our Collective Goal

Informing resilient and sustainable global food systems based on a rigorous and comprehensive understanding of the latest evidence.

Read our Strategic Plan
Read our Strategic Plan

Land Acknowledgement

The University of Guelph is on the territory of the Mississaugas of the Credit and is part of the Land Between the Lakes Purchase (Treaty number 3). The Dish with One Spoon Covenant made between the Anishinaabe, Haudenosaunee and Mississaguas, is an agreement to share territory and protect these lands, now known as parts of Ontario, Quebec and New York State. The Covenant reminds us of our common connection to the land and to each other. Recognizing the contributions and importance of First Nations, M├ętis and Inuit peoples is an important part of our collective commitment to make the promise of Truth and Reconciliation real in our communities.

Land Acknowledgements and Why They Matter
Land Acknowledgements and Why They Matter

Our Topic Areas

Creating and delivering more food with less waste is imperative to the efficiency, value and sustainability of supply chains, and the profitability and economic viability for all contributors across the food chain. We are examining these issues and bringing them to the forefront, within Canada and globally.

Food is central to the health of people, communities, and our planet. By exploring the links to sustainability, culture, and society, we are working to create the foundation of better nourished communities now, and in the future.

Canada produces and exports large amounts of food to feed people locally, nationally and around the world. Working to identify pressure points in the food system that can be resolved by policy, markets, or awareness that will improve the way global food networks offer safe, healthy, nutritious, and affordable food for all consumers.

Meeting the needs of the human population in more sustainable ways, that are safe and uphold the quality of the food, is critical for the future of food systems. We are exploring new ways to protect the planet, while providing safer food that retains its nutritional value, all while paying attention to new technologies and approaches to farming and food production.

What We Do

Arrell Food Institute activities are shaped by needs within the food system and the resources the University of Guelph can provide to meeting those needs.

Our People

Meet The People Behind AFI

Arrell Food Institute’s activities are made possible by collaborations between staff, faculty, students and external supporters.

AFI People
AFI People