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Aiming for Resilience in Our Canadian Food System

Growing Stronger

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Where did we succeed? What must we fix?

Arrell Food Institute and the Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute gathered evidence on what happened to the Canadian food system during the pandemic.

Your contributions are building recommendations to help Canada weather future disruptions.

Read the report
Read the report

Growing Stronger

A Letter From The Co-Chairs

A Letter From The Co-Chairs


AFI and CAPI invited input on all parts of the project from people and from organizations across the food supply chain, including farmers, businesses, support or professional organizations, individual consumers, researchers, and beyond. The information provided was treated as data to inform the progress of this process and recommendations to follow. This project is stronger for including a wide variety of perspectives.

How did this work? What difference will this make?

This process to articulated a series of tightly reasoned policy recommendations to enhance food systems resilience so that the Canadian food system will be better prepared against future shocks, whatever their origin and duration.

Information gathered from the Canadian food system. Evidence and experiences were submitted through the portal and gathered through hosted virtual town-halls, webinars, dialogues. CAPI and AFI accessed a “trusted advisory network” to gather information about the food system.

CAPI and AFI distilled what we heard down into key themes, and determined what further investigation is required.

CAPI and AFI shared the findings and debated pathways forward through our websites and other channels. Draft conclusions and recommendations were debated at the 2020 Arrell Food Summit. Next, they will be presented in their final form in 2021 as part of the CAPI’s Big Solutions Forum.

This project may result in any or all of the following:

  • Draft emergency plan for the government to consider.
  • Letters advocating policy change submitted to government bodies.
  • Research projects commissioned.
  • Information network or community of practice created.