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Guilherme Madureira

Arrell Scholar, Animal Biosciences

Guilherme Madureira

Guilherme will be working with Dr. Eduardo Ribeiro in the Department of Animal Bioscience on fertility in dairy cattle, through study of novel genetic traits.

Originally from the city of Sorocaba in the São Paulo state of Brazil, Guilherme received a bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Medicine at the Federal University of Lavras, Brazil followed by a master’s degree at the University of São Paulo. Before coming to Guelph, Guilherme was a research assistant of the Department of Dairy Science at the University of Wisconsin, where he also helped develop practical training for farm personnel to help them problems at on their farms.

“The livestock and agri-food sector in Canada and globally are facing environmental changes. Our research will translate basic science in reproductive biology to practical applications that can improve cattle production efficiency and sustainability. By studying fertility traits for genome-wide association and genetic selection, we aim to contribute to the competitiveness of food producers and the livestock industry.”