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Maleeka Singh

Arrell Scholar, Food Science


Maleeka’s scientific career has been at the intersection of health, environmentalism and food science.

Maleeka is a graduate of the University of Toronto, where she completed a BSc. in Genes, Genetics and Biotechnology, and Sociology; while minoring in English. After graduation, she worked in the health and food industries, which sparked her interest in health, food safety and food integrity.

Maleeka is originally from Brampton, Ontario. During her MSc. in Food Science at the University of Guelph, Maleeka’s research focused on validating DNA authentication methods to identify commercial species of fish. Her research aimed to provide a rapid, efficient and cost-effective method, to detect seafood fraud, subsequently reducing its food safety concerns and environmental impact.

Maleeka will begin a PhD. in Food Science, with Dr. Maria Corradini. Her PhD. project will aim to use non-invasive biophysical methods, particularly fluorescence fingerprints, as reporters of food quality and food integrity. “Working with Dr. Corradini allows me to be on the front line of cutting-edge research in the food sector.”

“My project will use data on various aspects of food integrity to characterize deteriorative processes. This will aid to improve transparency in the food supply chain and ensure safe, high quality food for consumers.”

Maleeka hopes to pursue a career in research and development, or at a policy-making level upon the completion of her degree.