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Zahra Saghafi

Arrell Scholar, Food Science

Zahra is pursuing her PhD under the supervision of Drs. Iris Joye and Maria Corradini in the Food Science department. Zahra received her Master’s of Food Science and Technology from Tabriz University, and her Bachelor’s of Food Science and Technology from Shahid Beheshti University. Her research looks at how we can improve plant-based milks to increase sustainability.

For many reasons, plant-based milk alternatives have become a popular choice for consumers. However there is certainly room for improvement. Many plant-based milk products lack the essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that can be found in milk. Additionally, consumers may find plant-based milks to be less palatable or versatile than the original. Production of plant-based milks can also contribute to food waste, as there are often pulp by-products to be dealt with.

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“The animal-based diet is under debate because of huge environmental and climate impact, water use, land use and greenhouse emissions. As a result, people are being encouraged to consume plant-based food products.”

Research Interests and Future Goals

Zahra’s research is two-fold; improve the nutritive qualities of plant-based milks, and reduce food waste in the production of these products. Both these efforts will aid in the ultimate goal of making plant-based milks more sustainable for the planet.

Why become an Arrell Scholar?

Arrell Food Institute was a clear choice for Zahra. She recognized that the University of Guelph has one of the oldest and greatest food science departments filled with exceptional researchers and faculty. AFI presents the opportunity to learn from and work with leaders in the food industry.

Zahra Saghafi’s scholarly publications