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Our vision is to transform global food systems, and elevate Canada’s place within the global food economy. We will build on Guelph’s world-class strengths in all aspects of food in order to become the world leader in food and agricultural innovation.

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Research for a healthy planet and a food secure future

Through research we will create the tools needed to produce enough food for the growing human population, while sustaining the ecosystems on which we depend for life. It is not the amount of food we produce, but the way we produce food that will be a defining challenge of the next century. Using the tools of the 21st century, we will help farmers produce more food on less land, with fewer inputs. Only by fully understanding the ecosystems on which we depend for food will we solve this century’s great global challenge: to protect the environment while safely feeding the world’s rising population.

Connecting research to industry

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The Arrell Food Institute at the University of Guelph leads as a portal for food expertise, through industry extension and training. These programs drive understanding, innovation and action on local and global food issues with its partners. By facilitating industry and research connections, we foster economic growth, and assist in the public benefit from research discoveries.

Our Food History

Soil blown by dust bowl winds piled up in large drifts on a farm

Building on more than 150 years of tradition, the Arrell Food Institute at the University of Guelph connects food research and expertise across all fields of study with Canadian and global partners to support sustainability, economic growth, and security in the food supply chain from fork to field.

The history of the University of Guelph is closely tied with food from the first days of the founding colleges. From veterinary studies for better health of farm animals, to learning best practices for food production, to examining sanitation and food safety, the three founding colleges of the U of G – Ontario Veterinary College, Ontario Agricultural College and Macdonald Institute – each had a role to play in constantly improving the food supply chain of Ontario, Canada and the world.

Today all seven colleges of the University of Guelph play a part in ensuring the university’s leadership role in food and agriculture research and extension. Engineering, physical sciences, social sciences, humanities, art, biology, veterinary science, business, environment, economics and agriculture studies all contribute to the betterment of food security, safety and sustainability.


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