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Growing Stronger: New program launched to help food system respond to crisis

“Growing Stronger” will connect all players within Canada’s food system through an online portal and a series of virtual consultations over the summer and into the fall.

Red peppers on a conveyor belt

COVID-19: The perils of a ‘just enough, just in time’ food system

We live in an age when global supply chains seamlessly link farmers & consumers using the principles of “just enough, just in time.” But with this abundance comes a hidden cost: a loss of resilience.

war proaganda poster on food waste

6 history lessons for eating through COVID-19 pandemic

Guelph food historians share insights from disruptions during the last century.

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FeedBack Blogs: Scholar reflections

Fliers for the Seed and some vegetables sit on a table

FeedBack: Creativity wins in Guelph’s food waste reduction

A graduate team examine the paradox of food waste and food security locally.

Four students stand in front of green sign at greenhouse

FeedBack: Discovering a bigger impact for the agri-food system

Michelle Thompson is an Food from Thought research assistant and a Masters student in Plant Agriculture with Dr. Manish Raizada. Michelle shares her personal perspective on the cohort experience and reflects on how the work has impacted her research program.

Abdul-Rahim Abdulai, Victoria Lesy, Matt Orton, Nicole Unterlander, and Abigail Van Reisen

FeedBack: Resilience in Agricultural Diversity

This interdisciplinary team decided climate change in agriculture needed more attention and banded together with the Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario to help raise awareness about the topic.

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