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Anita Stewart, Visionary Leader on Canadian Cuisine

A passionate advocate for Canadian cuisine, Anita always sought to ensure Canadians had access to the terroir that surrounded them.

Anita Stewart with Alice Raine

Chef Suzanne Barr’s Masala Fish Fry for World Food Day

Chef Suzanne Barr made Masala Fish Fry in celebration of World Food Day during the Voices of the Food System 24 hour Global Relay.

Chef Suzanne Barr chops cilantro on a counter surrounded by other ingredients.

Upcycling for a Food Secure Community

Meaningful work and skill development bring volunteers to food security work.

Two tomatoes and two bulbs of garlic sit on a wooden fence in a pastoral scene

Time for Action: Critical next steps to create a National School Food Program

The need for a federal school food program is clear; in 2017, UNICEF ranked Canada as 37th out of the 41 wealthiest nations for access to healthy food.

5 red apples lined up on a white surface

Growing Cuisine

Farmers play an important role in Canadian cuisine, bringing those many, diverse ingredients to our kitchens.

Sweet corn half shucked

Celebrating Canadian Cuisine

The Canadian Plate Challenge took the task of highlighting and elevating Canadian ingredients to a whole new level.

Chef Pierre plates food while his assistant looks on.

Canada’s new food policy means everyone’s at the table

The food policy aims to bolster the economic impact of the agri-food sector while tackling issues like waste and childhood hunger.

A Canadian flag flies in front of a planted field.

How the value-added food sector can be more competitive in global markets

Remarks by Dr. Simon Somogyi to Canada’s Senate Standing Committee on Agriculture and Forestry on the potential of Canadian value-added products.

Wheels of cheese on shelves

FeedBack: Creativity wins in Guelph’s food waste reduction

A graduate team examine the paradox of food waste and food security locally.

Fliers for the Seed and some vegetables sit on a table

Trusted, safe and sustainable

Remarks made by Dr. Evan Fraser to the Senate Standing Committee on Agriculture and Forestry regarding the potential for value added in the food sector.

A cart with produce from Canada in boxes sits in front of produce shelves