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an excerpt from the strategic plan 2023-2028

Arrell Food Institute’s Unique Niche

AFI will continue to generate rigorous research-based knowledge, train the next generation of global leaders with a focus on the Arrell Scholars and facilitate multi-disciplinary opportunities, in direct alignment with its academic agenda.

To extend its reach beyond the walls of academia, AFI will convene discussions and debates among a global suite of participants to further the dialogue on food. Additionally, AFI wants to make the most of being located in Guelph and contributing to our community, city and municipality as our starting point to inform how to scale our work nationally and internationally.

Building on its reputation as an important contributor and knowledge leader, AFI will actively bridge new knowledge and understanding of emerging global trends with current discourse locally, nationally and internationally. In many ways, this starts within the culinary and hospitality industries where people unite around food, where food advocates express their vision for a sustainable future, and where people contemplate food in new and interesting ways. AFI
is committed to mobilizing action and informing policy, industry and community environments that support a new, reimagined safe and sustainable future of food that can benefit people around the world.

AFI is unique, and there is no one comparator organization against which AFI could benchmark its progress.