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A Northern Bounty: Food Day Canada

A cheesecake dessert with fruit on a white plate

A dessert prepared with the best of Canadian ingredients by University of Guelph's Hospitality Services. Photo by Vijay Nair

At the Arrell Food Institute we spend a lot of time examining food through a scientific lens, and while this work is critical to building better food systems, we’re grateful that Food Day Canada reminds us to take a moment to enjoy food.

Canada has a wealth of delicious food products and the long weekend is the perfect time to indulge. We hope you’ll sit down and savour that abundance August 5.

In preparation for celebrating Food Day Canada we chatted with our own Evan Fraser and Anita Stewart, the University of Guelph’s Food Laureate about Canada’s food landscape.


What is Canadian Cuisine?

Importing our ingredients

Canada's food leadership

Climate change and Canadian food culture