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Summit Menu Highlights Guelph Ingredients and Archival Recipes

A scan of Penny Powers cookbook with holiday favourites

Penny Powers Cookbook by the Saskatchewan Power Corporation. Credit: Christine De Vuono.

The University of Guelph has always been a leader when it comes to food innovation: from being first in the world to develop infrared milk technology to developing new nanotechnology that allows food packaging to respond with changes in the environment. Beyond technology, they aim to create partnerships and promote entrepreneurialism in an attempt to develop strategies that answer the question “how will we feed 9 billion people”? Helping communities develop projects like the reintroduction of arctic char to the Inuit community of Kuujjuaq in Nunavik is just one of the many examples of partnership. Playing a key role in Canada’s food processing and manufacturing industries, the University has a goal of working with farmers, the environment, and consumers in mind. These innovations, technologies and practices will be displayed through all the food served to you during the summit!

The meals served at the Arrell Food Summit will include everything from soufflés to seafood with locally sourced ingredients, including fresh vegetables directly from campus greenhouses. The Dish with One Spoon lunch on May 23rd will be in partnership with the Ontario Agriculture College (OAC), using freshly foraged mushrooms and tasty vegetables. University of Guelph’s participation in fair trade, innovative creation and use of campus grown foods that will be sure to satisfy your taste buds.

Recipes for some of the meals come directly from the University of Guelph archives and hospitality service chefs, who aim to not only uphold but surpass their impeccable “No.1 in Canada food service provider for university food” title for 10 years in a row. Hospitality services runs 19 campus food facilities and conference, catering and retail services. Renowned as a sustainable leader, they practice reduce, reuse, recycle by using practices such as freezing of local fruits and vegetables on campus for winter use.

Ontario Agriculture College, the Bovey Green house, professors and the University of Guelph honey bees are hard at work getting the ingredients ready for the upcoming Arrell Food Summit. They will be providing mouth-watering, locally sourced, prepared right here on campus meals for you to enjoy all throughout the summit. After all, it wouldn’t be an inaugural food summit without incredible food!