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Launching the Loblaw Net-Zero Food Systems Challenge

The Loblaw Net-Zero Food Systems Challenge will bring together graduate students from across Canada to investigate strategic levers that will drive Canadian adoption and demand for net-zero agricultural products along the value chain, from farmers to consumers. Graduate students are encouraged to apply!

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Arrell Scholar Info Session

This webinar will answer your basic questions about applying for the scholarship and provide insight into the opportunities that await you as an agri-food leader. You will be able to ask questions of current Arrell Scholars.

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Learn more and register

The Next Green Revolution

How Canada can produce more food and fewer emissions

New research from RBC, BCG’s Centre for Canada’s Future and Arrell Food Institute and the steps to how Canada can produce more food and fewer emissions.

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Monitoring and Measuring Food Loss and Waste in Canada: A Snapshot

Food loss and waste is an important issue that is gaining more attention in Canada from governments at all levels in Canada and food businesses because of its significant environmental and economic impacts.

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Read the report

Register: Deep Dish Dialogues explores the beverage industry

Register to attend December’s Deep Dish Dialogues where we will be joined by beverage industry experts to learn how to prepare, taste and pair a variety of beverages.

Register for Dec 1 Deep Dish Dialogues
Register for Dec 1 Deep Dish Dialogues

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