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Arrell Food Institute is Uniquely Positioned

With a commitment to being a trusted convener, AFI bridges the latest rigorous knowledge with multiple perspectives beyond the academic environment. This creates opportunities for multi-faceted discussions and debates that can inform a reimagined future for food and food production around the world. By embracing many viewpoints, synthesizing them to find common ground and sharing those insights broadly, AFI is primed to be an instrumental force in defining the future of food around the world, including new approaches and innovations in food production, agriculture, and ag-technology.

Being anchored at the University of Guelph (U of G), one of Canada’s top research-intensive, comprehensive universities, allows AFI and U of G to achieve more together. The tentacles of AFI’s work reach into faculties, departments, and other initiatives across campus. More globally, AFI recognizes its work is an important contributor in support of the One Health concept — healthy ecosystems, healthy animals, healthy humans — all of which are inextricably link to food safety.

Canada is a recognized leader in food systems. This leadership cannot be taken for granted, and AFI is committed to doing its part to maintain and build Canada’s leadership position globally, which benefits Canadians first and foremost, builds trust, and helps inform change around the world. With a multi-disciplinary team, that uses transdisciplinary approaches, AFI is primed to change the way Canadians, and people around the world, think and talk about food.