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October 28, 2021 – Online

Arrell Food Summit 2021

On October 28th, Arrell Food Institute hosted the 4th Arrell Food Summit, the second hosted digitally. Welcoming over 350 attendees, the Summit featured an agenda of international speakers who explored how to turn ideas into action and accelerate food systems change. Chefs Rich Francis and Joshna Maharaj encouraged participants to use food as a tool to shake up colonial and unhealthy institutions, while Maple Leaf Food’s Nadia Theodore shared how to bridge gaps between government, industry, and others on progressive food policy.

Turning Ideas into Action

The Arrell Food Summit team has collaborated with illustrator and information designer Alex Sawatzky, who created visual summaries of each 2021 Summit session.  We are delighted to offer these illustrations to all Summit participants, available for viewing and download.  We hope you enjoy these visual reminders of your Summit experience!

Download the Illustration
Download the Illustration

“You asked me, what should we do? Bring in the communities! Learn from them, co-create the solutions. Have community members sitting at all levels of the food system!”

Dr. Shakuntala Haraksingh Thilsted, Global Lead for Nutrition and Public Health, WorldFish

Featuring Joshua Smee, Julia Romagnoli, Raul Fernandez, and Haile Thomas

The Changemakers’ Forum

In this session, speakers shared their tips to create change in the food system. Their advice included dreaming big, collaborating with like-minded people and organizations, using stories as catalysts for change and empowering the people around you.

View the Visual Notes
View the Visual Notes