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Arrell Global Food Innovation Awards

About the Awards

The Arrell Global Food Innovation Awards recognize global excellence in food innovation and community impact.

Arrell Food Institute recognizes global leaders who are ensuring future food security for the planet, and hopes to inspire new leaders to take bold steps towards change. Scientific excellence and community engagement are necessary to overcome the challenges our world will face in feeding 9 billion people and beyond.

Two prizes, of at least $100,000 CAD each, are awarded annually.

The first award recognizes a researcher, or group of researchers, who has advanced understanding of food production, processing, distribution, consumption, safety and/or human nutrition, with a significant positive impact on society.

The second award recognizes an individual, or group of individuals, who has contributed to improved nutritional health and/or food security, with a focus on strengthening disadvantaged communities.

Fields of achievement for the scientific award include, but are not limited to, food science, crop or livestock genetics, agro-ecology, pest management, supply chain management, soil health, human nutrition, food processing, food packaging, or food safety.

Fields of achievement for the community award include, but are not limited to, household nutrition, urban poverty, Aboriginal food security, traditional food systems, socioeconomic policy, poverty elimination, or community development.

2020 Nominations

Nominations are closed for 2020.

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The Arrell Global Food Innovation Awards are adjudicated by a group of internationally recognized scientists and community activists.

Past Adjudicators

Past Winners

Meet the 2018 and 2019 winners of the Arrell Global Food Innovation Awards.

Research Award Winners

Community Award Winners

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