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Exploring the Trust Gap: Food Safety

Although Canada has one of the world’s strongest and most advanced food safety systems, a significant amount of the population still experiences food-related illnesses every year. Addressing these challenges requires an in-depth examination of all stages of the food-supply chain.

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Read the report

What is a value chain?

A value chain links all the actors who play a role in the production of food. The term can be interchangeable with “supply chain” and includes producers (farmers), processors, shippers, suppliers and marketers, food service companies, and retailers.

How can we build trust?

Canada has one of the world’s strongest and most technologically advanced food safety systems. There are three major locations in the value chain where food safety can be impacted.

How to build trust in the value chain (Infographic)
How to build trust in the value chain (Infographic)

Special Thanks

Thank you to the attendees of the two workshops who helped form and edit the discussion paper.

We would like to extend special thanks to Steve Roche and Dan Shock of Acer Consulting Group, Alice Raine, Elizabeth Shantz, Alysa JK Loring, Olivia Willoughby and the University of Guelph for administrative support. The Spotlight projects have been developed with the Research Innovation Office at the University of Guelph.

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