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Ecological Goods and Services

Ecological Goods and Services (EG&S) are benefits that we receive from our ecosystems, and are essential for healthy, functioning, and sustainable agricultural landscapes. Natural areas provide trillions of dollars in ecological good and services globally through carbon sequestration, water purification, reduced soil erosion, and foraging and habitat provision for insects and wildlife, as well as cultural services that support spiritual, mental, and physical well-being, recreation, and other community benefits. This report explores these concepts and discusses the programs needed to support and incentivize farmers, land managers and other stakeholders, to protect, restore and establish ecological goods and services in the landscape.

Download the Report
Download the Report

What goods and services are provided?

  • Carbon sequestration
  • Groundwater recharge
  • Nutrient retention
  • Erosion control
  • Increased aquatic ecosystem health
  • Pollinator habitat
Read the executive summary
Read the executive summary
Ecological Goods and Services: Illustrated
Ecological Goods and Services: Illustrated

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