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Join Arrell Food Institute on Tuesday, August 13th to speak to federal candidates about food issues.

Illustration of people talking and holding their food or shopping. Logos for involved groups on the bottom.

Research Update: Future Food Systems

Investigating the socio-economic impacts and sustainability of future food product systems is the overarching theme of the three SSHRC grants awarded to Arrell Food Institute researchers this year.

A dairy cow approaches a robotic milker

Canada’s new food policy means everyone’s at the table

The food policy aims to bolster the economic impact of the agri-food sector while tackling issues like waste and childhood hunger.

Canadian Flag flies over a vineyard.

FeedBack: Resilience in Agricultural Diversity

This interdisciplinary team decided climate change in agriculture needed more attention and banded together with the Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario to help raise awareness about the topic.

Abdul-Rahim Abdulai, Victoria Lesy, Matt Orton, Nicole Unterlander, and Abigail Van Reisen

New scholars join Arrell Food Institute

Five incoming students have each been awarded an Arrell Food Institute graduate scholarship worth $50,000 a year.

A collage of photos of the new Arrell Scholars

Food policy governance: A letter to the Honourable Marie-Claude Bibeau

A letter on behalf of the National Food Policy Governance Working Group to draw attention to their joint proposal to create a new advisory body: the National Food Policy Council.

Image of strawberries overlaid with the logos of all the participating organizations listed in the letter

Short-term opportunity for jobs creation and economic growth possible through National School Food Program

School food programs have an impressive return on investment and have the potential to boost the Canadian agricultural economy.

Girl carries a lunch tray in the cafeteria

How the value-added food sector can be more competitive in global markets

Remarks by Dr. Simon Somogyi to Canada’s Senate Standing Committee on Agriculture and Forestry on the potential of Canadian value-added products.

Wheels of cheese on shelves

FeedBack: Can Canadians “meat” the challenge? Eating better for the environment

Can we bug Canadians into eating better for the environment? Three University of Guelph Food from Thought Graduate Research Assistants are strategizing a method to inform healthier, greener dietary choices.

Three students pose with industry representative inside

New food guide will save Canadians money but few are following it, study finds

The good news is the new Canada’s Food Guide will save a family of four $475 annually on grocery bills, according to a new University of Guelph study.

fruit in cardboard boxes