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Students teams will work on projects with non-academic partners

The Food Institute of the University of Guelph is now accepting applications for two funding opportunities for graduate students. The Institute is seeking emerging scholars who are not only academically outstanding but also passionately committed to ensuring that future generations are well fed, that diets are nutritious and equitable, and that agriculture is sustainable.

The deadline has been extended until April 17th, 2017.

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The scholarship and the research assistantship will provide a unique opportunity for students to work on a team-based experiential project that assists students in building skills to work in the modern agri-food and biodiversity sector.

How will it work?

Our goal is to combine disciplinary expertise with an interdisciplinary, practical, and non-academic experience in the broad area of sustainable agriculture, food and biodiversity. Students will enrol in their program of interest (home department) and complete the degree requirements. In addition, students will work with a team on a project provided by a non-academic partner.

What kind of projects will students work on?

The projects will be assigned with two factors in mind: students’ area of expertise; and existing opportunities with non-academic partners. These partners might be, for example, an animal genetics company, a food security NGO, or a major food retailer. There are many exciting opportunities.

How will teams be assigned?

Students will be assigned a thematic team based on the interests that a student expresses in their application, so we expect the topics to vary each year. The goal is that each of these themed teams will have at least two colleges represented, so there is a degree of interdisciplinary work built into the projects.

How can students apply?

Visit to learn more about how to apply to the scholarship or the research assistantship. More information about applying to graduate studies at the University of Guelph is available at the Graduate Studies website.

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